Association Engine, WordPress and AMS Integration

During my employment with Pongos Interactive I was the chief engineer on their Association Engine product. I also trained a few new developers over the past year to contribute to it as client users began expanding.

This product offers single sign on with Abila netFORUM (Association Management System) and WordPress open source CMS. Approximately 90% of the code I developed is baseline core, and I also customized several client modules containing their specific designs, business rules, and configurations.

WordPress clients I consulted, customized, installed, and supported this product for include:

  1. American Advertising Agency Association (4As)
  2. American Geophysical Union (AGU)
  3. Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI)
  4. Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN)
  5. North Carolina Association of CPAs (NCACPA)

Technical Features

  1. Log in, sign up, reset password (pages and/or sidebar widgets)
  2. Token toss integration with netFORUM integrated third party services
  3. Dashboard with tabs and dink sections to accommodate user-driven functionality
  4. Profile management (contact info, demographics)
  5. Organization relationships, primary organization administration, and membership flowdown
  6. eCommerce donations
  7. eCommerce membership join/renew, invoicing
  8. eCommerce event individual and group registration with registration types and sessions
  9. eCommerce chapter and subscriptions management
  10. eCommerce merchandise
  11. Sync of various objects (chapters, products, committees, etc.) into WordPress for local custom post type tool usage (search, list, display)
  12. Sync of authenticated user metadata into WordPress for performance caching
  13. Sync of global system options into WordPress for performance caching
  14. Session states and performance caching utilizing WordPress transients system

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