Top Notch Seats, TicketEvolution ReST Integration, Joomla! CMS

Top Notch Seats was a client with my consulting business, beAutomated. Their company sells tickets for tens of thousands of events. After initially helping with some ColdFusion updates, we built a Joomla! 1.5 site for them to integrate with a new event data source and eCommerce fulfillment system powered by the TicketEvolution ReSTful API. We later upgraded those custom extensions to Joomla! 2.5.

Specifically, we built extensions to support the events rotating in and out by the hundreds. Each event consists of one or more performers and a venue. All of these details needed to be synchronized from a service provider and presented on the website with fast performance. We built a caching database and an hourly cron job to keep the website up to date while remaining fast. We also built a search engine and an order processing interface that integrates smoothly with the third party service provider’s order management interface, while keeping the customers securely on the main website. We also integrated a third party interactive seating chart for venues.


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